Sight & Sense
A tangent to the subjects we see but ignore in day to day life
Some gifts from friends you hardly expect they remember, some bug that kept you waiting till you get your hands on the camera only to find that its battery was discharged, some lights that get you wondering when did you last chase a firefly..

Looks sad and nostalgic when not loaded with kids,
Or you could want it to look sad and nostalgic
 for a particular click..
Heat & Thirst 

A cafe off the road

McLeod, Himachal
Inside the metro so aligned
Chirpy Summer

Sparrows, the not-so-vibrant colored birds 
with very vibrant and bubbly character.

Routine, Off Routine! 

A lorry works its way through the dessert.
Corn on the beach!
Fire & Ice

The beach,
The Great Runn of Kutch
Boatride, Tamil Nadu
                    Rajasthani Puppet: "Kathputli"
"Be faithful in small things because it is in them, that your strength lies"
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