Our Values

At Turn Up, we believe that creating beautiful ambient spaces with an incredible attention to detail using various mediums of the highest quality is, simply put, a way of functioning. 

What's more important, however, is that it be an unforgettably immersive experience that indulges the people involved in the most sincere & soulful way. 


A Culture Of Effort

We hope to strive for the betterment and for the wellbeing of our society. 

We feel that various interpersonal relations of our society are often plagued by superficial bonds rendering many mental health issues overtime that furthermore, get overlooked. 
We try to reaffirm the thought that real relations take constant efforts along with lots of openness, communication and reciprocity. 

An undeniable healing force that we do find assisting people with its innocence and thereby fostering feelings of care and kindness in the community is the presence of Fauna (i.e. pets, strays, animals). Needless to say, we at Turn Up respect, admire and celebrate the prospect of people fostering animals. 

Our Charity Mission

We know that we have a responsibility to contribute to the wellbeing of our society in any way we can. We have thereby made it our mission to care for the incorruptible, unsullied, by-standing passive guardians of society by making Animal Welfare our primary CSR prerogative.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's sole remains unawakened."
- Anatole France | ( A quote indicating affects on individual -- inwards. )

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
- M. K. Gandhi | ( Quote suggesting affects on society -- outwards. )


Acting upon the same, we pledge 20% discount on total billed amount to first time clients who have & care for adopted stray animal(s) and 10% discount on total billed amount to repeat clients for as long as they have & care for an adopted stray animal with them. Documents proving animal welfare initiatives by clients in other capacities will also help fetch discounts which shall be decided as per the case. Additionally, we also pledge 10% of our total profits to be used for animal welfare. 
Discounts can not be clubbed and are not applicable on already promoted (i.e. price reduced) services. Discounts are also not applicable on entry level Tier-E services.

It should be noted that we do not condone unethical breading of animals for the sole purpose of profitability and believe that, if one is willing, adoption of the strays should be our first responsibility as a community.

Fair Trade Practices

We hear-by declare that the people associated with Turn Up - our team & partners are all above the age of eighteen and their inclusion into the Turn Up family is uninfluenced by their gender, religion or race. All our dependents and vendors are paid fairly and on time.

Our vendors are also appealed to abide by the same values.

Our Sustainable Journey

The natural world is our irreplaceable canvas and we hope to play a part in protecting it as we work towards a more sustainable future. We are mindful of our responsibilities to the environment and have goals of becoming a truly sustainable company in due time. The efforts for the same shall meanwhile reflect in our every action -to be watchful of the consequences.


People  &  Story

Ena Mishra

Anoop Shukla
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Turn Up was founded by the creative spouse duo, Ena Mishra and Anoop Shukla.

Improving and uplifting the aesthetic appeal of a space by decorating it in a mature and elegant style is the passionate agenda of Ena at Turn Up, as it is for her in life. This stems from her career that started as a stylist working in the fashion industry which then morphed to a costume designer profile in television & film industry with some of the most prestigious names in the field like Travel & Living Channel, MTV and Disney to mention a few.

Anoop plays at his strengths of critically reviewing and making edits to the curation for refinement. His experiences like taking part in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, heading a segment and it’s design team for the leading fashion label, Sabyasachi Calcutta and participation in several FDCI events amongst other things are a testament to his aesthetic astuteness.

Their creative energies not only resonate, but they also often allows them to overlap into each other’s zones to solve problems or to create what’s best for the client and the brand. 

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