Turn Up is a décor and event design company that specialises in upscale private events. Predominantly into décor and space transformations, we provide immersive experiences fit for high profile corporate events while taking care of the finest details. 

The core philosophy at Turn Up is to ensure that our curations are timeless so that the events are not trend or fad driven and shall remain classy for years to come. The socially elite connoisseurs who want every fine detail taken care of with an assurance of great taste can take comfort in the fact that their assignment is in the hands of a creative team inherently driven by that very same vision. 

Impeccable attention to detail insures the creation of a picturesque scene, as fit for family albums and social media as it is for press or publications. 

Founded in Mumbai, the company soon moved to north India and currently caters chiefly to 
the Delhi-Jaipur-Agra-Lucknow belt. HQ in Lucknow. 

[ Corporates & Hospitality establishments: Please contact +91 9450095846 / 9830063697 ]

How to Enquire & Book?

You may look into our Gallery on the Menu of this site and let us know the setup you like via email info@turnupevents.co.in or phone/whatsapp on +91 9005556607 / +91 9450658356. You may also send screenshot of anything you like on our IG page.

Based on the number of people the setup is for, the location ( City, Venue ) + duration of event and on any design changes that may be requested -we will give you a quotation. 

Note: Regarding Venue
2.1  We can provide our decor services at the comfort of your home as well as at any location that you may book. 
2.2  Alternatively, we can also secure venues for you as we have tie-ups in some of the most prestigious hotels of the area like Taj, Ramada, Regnent, Hyatt, Marriot, Lebua, Hilton etc. and design a package for you that fits your requirement. 

Upon agreement, work shall commence post an advance payment. 
Remaining payment shall be collected a day before the event. 
(* 100% advance payment is required if booking of venue is to be included/bundled in our bill. )

Bespoke Experience by Turn Up

We can design the entire event as per your requirements right from the start - sketch to stage. The décor shall be custom made and as per your theme & colour palette preferences. 
Upon Request. 

Kindly be advised: 
- Bookings shall be taken on a first come first serve bases. 
- A minimum of ten working days shall be required for us to operate before the date of event irrespective. 
- Booking of Venue will only be possible as per the availability at the time of booking.
- Couples booking means booking for 2 people i.e. 2 pax. 
- We specialise in catering to small parties of upto 12 people. 

Tip for your Special Day: 
If the experience is a surprise, make sure that the one getting surprised is dressed to his/her own liking (use any excuse necessary) so that the images that we photograph, make a truly picturesque & cherishable memory for the time to come. 


+91 9005556607

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